Creepie Crawlies

Although I’m an animal lover, anyone who knows me knows that I’m not really keen on anything with more than four legs.  Especially during Australian summers when all the weird and creepy things seem to be out in numbers.  A few weeks ago I had two huntsmen spiders in my room, one made a great acquaintance with a can of spray while the other bugger disappeared behind my cupboard resulting in me sleeping with the lights on for four nights.

I remember during high school our science room was on the top floor next to a pile of trees.  We had no air conditioning back then in schools and so the teacher had to keep the windows continually open.  This resulted in the room constantly becoming home to many eight legged hairy things who loved to live underneath the benches.  All of us kids had to sit at least two feet away from the desk and lean right over to take notes.   I still remember the day when one of the girls started screaming like a banshee.  One of the huntsmen spiders must have got onto her dress and was running like mad all over her.  All us kids started laughing, the teacher started swearing and the girl was almost ballistic.  A friend of mine took a long pencil and flicked it off of her.  The spider seemed to fly in slow motion as all the kids stopped laughing and began scattering and diving from side to side terrified it might land on them.  It was a great distraction from having to learn the periodic table of chemicals though!

Now tonight as I was checking the time in the lounge room I found another creepy dude hanging off of the clock.  This stick insect:

He introduced himself as Gordon and said he was sorry for coming inside the house but that he’d forgotten his wristwatch and was just checking the time.  I said that’s ok but if you get in my hair I’m gonna have to end you.

Thank goodness we’re now at the start of autumn and the bug season is coming to an end. Whew!


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