Dreamworlds Beautiful White Lions!!!

Well, I never thought I would ever get to see a real white lion unless some divine miracle as big as a the parting of the Red Sea could occur.  Yet!  I found out last week that Dreamworld was getting two for the easter holidays.  Man was I excited.  As an artist I’m always looking for reference material and as you can only ever use your own photographs for selling and showing artwork this was a blessing! To be able to photograph these rare beauties was something I could not miss.

Being this close to a rare white lion is such an amazing blessing!

I visited the exhibit about 3 or 4 times throughout the day to get different views. As Tiger Island is right next door I just wandered back and forth between the two exhibits.  At one point the lions walked right above my head on a big glass roof panel and that took my breath away! You never get to see lions from that angle and at one point they both lay down on the glass.  What a treat!  To be this close to two lions laying down was sooo amazing!  I loved it.  I could see up close their beautiful big paws, their tails and really experience the actual size of these magnificent animals.

Near the end of the day I went back and got some awesome shots of Jake looking right into my camera.  There’s something electric that happens when a lion looks you in the eyes.

Close up of Jakes eyes looking right at me!

That night while watching back my footage that I had shot, I actually got teary eyed (I know it’s stupid) but I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful creation as Jake.  There are only 100 white lions in the world and they are just stunning to look at in real life.  Considering I’m a dog person I have no idea why I love big cats so much.  House cats?  mmm naaa, can’t get into small cats at all, but big cats, they just fascinate me.  I think it’s a crazy obsession I have for them.  I think it’s their strength and noble nature that I love.  They’re at the top of the animal kingdom and they know it but don’t exploit it.  They just ‘be’ who they are without pretense and you can’t help but respect them.

Mischkas Gob

♥ Jake, the most beautiful animal I have ever seen ♥

I can see why Jesus calls himself ‘The Lion of Judah’.  When you see lions in real life they just make you stop in your tracks and take notice.  They’re so powerful, yet so honest and fair and nobel.  You don’t mess with them.  Just a look from their eyes and Pow! you know you’re in the presence of the King.  You can never fool such an intelligent beast or fool our real King Jesus either.  They know truth when they see it and they don’t mess with nonsense or anything that’s beneath their royal blood.

Feminine and beautiful, yet still so strong!

If you’re in the region of the Gold Coast I REALLY recommend you rush to Dreamworld and get a look at these truly amazing lions!  It’s well worth it.  They are only going to be on display from April 9 to April 30 2011 and then they are off to somewhere else.  I believe they will be bringing in other white lions some time after that.

I have made a video on YouTube of these lions and you can view it below:

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