Mixed Media and a Monster Grasshopper

Well, I’m quite proud of myself I actually got three mixed media pieces started and finished tonight.  I’ve been experimenting on using white card which I pre gesso and then layer on the colours of paints. After that I varnish it and the page seems to get a nice rubbery feel and seems to thickens up the card.  Then I can start adding all the fun stuff.

One of the pieces I've been working on tonight.

I finally finished around 12.30 pm and Ace was staring at me wanting to be put to bed.  I let him outside for a quick run around and I saw a massive ugly grasshopper the size of an Apache helicopter sitting on the edge of Ace’s bed.  (& I though bug season was over *sigh*).  I found a broom and started to nervously push it away and of course it hardly moved.  I pushed it away again and which direction did it decide to fly???? Yes straight at me!!!  I let out a blood curdling scream and scooted inside throwing off my robe (cause I didn’t know if it had landed on me).  God only knows what the neighbours thought.  It’s funny, while I was screaming I had a thought go through my mind “Gee that’s a really loud scream”.  Ace came running to see what the fuss was (I like to think he came to my rescue :)) The monster was sitting on the inside of the screen door and had to be removed otherwise it would end up inside the house, and end up with me sleeping in my car.  I managed to russel up some help and the creature was disposed of permanently.  Ughhh what a drama at such a late hour of the night.  I couldn’t help laughing to myself at my scream, I couldn’t help it, it was a reflex action.  I think every neighbour had about 50000 decibels of pure horror scream shoot up their spines.  Anyway that’s my little update for now, hopefully no more midnight freaks show up! LOL!


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