Another Splurge…

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Ok, like a moth to a flame, I’m obsessed with pretty colours and thus I purchased this lovely full set of 126 Swiss made, Caran D’ache Neocolor II watersoluable wax pastels.  Yes they probably cost the same as a small country LOL! but everyone knows Caran D’ache make some of the best, high quality art supplies around.  I’ve played a little with these sticks of colourful joy already and I’m loving them.  They can be used wet and dry as they are quite soft and creamy and will blend together well, even without water.  This set even includes some lovely metallic colours too.  I’m thinking of using these on some black card to see what I can come up with.


Also included is a stippling brush, two sponge pads, a sharpener, and a Technalo HB pencil.   I’ll play with them some more this week and will upload some pictures very soon.  Oh all these pretty colours to try!!!  maybe I should just live inside a rainbow… but then would that make me a leprechaun?  I’d have to grow a beard and hairy legs for that.



Doggy ATC’s

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Some more ATC’s for another swap.  The theme for this one is pets so I hand painted on canvas these 3 fur babies.  Two are Ace, one is when he was just a little fluff ball and the other is a lovely Rough Collie I saw at the Ekka a couple of years ago.  Love woofies.  Glad God made them.  I always enjoy painting them too.  I only used one brush for the dogs which was a 5/0 Round Jasart brush.  It’s very tiny and has a little bit of length to it so it allows you to flick it for nice fur strokes. 

Doggy ATC's © Camille Hayes 2012

Wildlife ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)

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Here are some wildlife ATCs I made over several nights.  They are drawn on Illustration Board.  I created these with Prismacolor Pencils and Watercolour pencils.  I had a lot of fun trying to work so small.  It was certainly a challenge but I’m happy with the results.  Also getting to use watercolor pencils (which I rarely do) was a treat.

Wildlife Series ATCs © Camille Hayes

Some Tombow Duel Brush Artwork

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Oky dokey, here’s some of my artwork I’ve been doing this weekend with my new Tombow pens.  As you can see the options are endless with all these lovely bright colours.  I’ve found they seem to blend better on thick paper rather than the watercolour paper which is strange considering they are watercolour pens.  Hmmmm, will have to keep experimenting.

Jungle Doodle with Tombow Duel Brush Pens © Camille Hayes

My new Tombow Duel Brush pens!!!

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Tombow Duel Brush Pens

Yay!  They finally arrived today!  I’m so excited to try these out.  I purchased the full 96 pens set and the colours are so vibrant and stunning.  The pens come with a brush tip on one end and a pen tip on the other.  The kit comes with a colourless blender but I have purchased some water brushes which work much better. (Water brushes are like an acrylic brush with a  screw on little container of water which allows the water to flow down the brush when squeezed).

Brush tip one end, pen tip the other

Brush strokes
As you can see below the pens blend together so easily with the water brush.

Blending with the water brush

 I will upload some full artwork very soon.  I looooveee these pens!!!!!!!

Lovely Owl Video

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I’m definitely not into owl decor or owl jewellery (which seems to be the weird trend at the moment),  but a subscriber on my YouTube channel showed me this really cute video. Owls in their real form truly are amazing creatures.  This little guy seems to love human attention.  Enjoy!

Windsor and Newton Soft Pastels

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Oh it’s such a sad thing!  I recently read on the net that last year Windsor and Newton had ceased from making their lovely soft pastels.  These pastels are one of my absolute favourite pastels!!! Oi!!! The colour range is unlike all the others and they are just so smooth and creamy to work with.  Why? Why? Why? did they stop making them???  Who knows, but it’s depressing.  So, I searched high and low on the internet for the cheapest sets and found a great bargain.  I held my breath and purchased the large 200 set.  They come in a beautiful redwood type case and I now have them in my hot little paws. 


What will I do when I eventually run out of my favourite colours?  Sob quietly to myself I guess….(sigh).  Anyway I have lots of colours to play with for now! 🙂